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New Year Superstitions

"New Year is seen as a beginning, a new path, a new stage in our lives and the world. Thus, most traditions and superstitions that are related to New Year's Eve and the first day of January refers to the right start.

To have good luck, health, happiness and money in the new year, you must put into practice tricks and superstitions that will help you really believe that you have it all. One can say that it is a placebo effect - you think you'll have even happens! Here's what to do:

Ward off evil spirits

Folk tradition says that evil spirits are afraid of light and loud noises. Therefore, the time and even now in some places, the cracks of the whip to drive away evil spirits in the coming year. It's much easier now, because firecrackers and fireworks use.

Money in your pocket

New year countdown to get you money in your pocket binding. Thus you will enjoy all year earnings and future welfare.

Eat fish

Another superstition says that eating fish to New Year's Eve that you can slip through the problems and obstacles in the new year, with the agility of a fish in water.

Out of debt

Do not enter the new year in debt! Try to get rid of them as soon as possible, otherwise you will have problems with money all year. Also, it is better to borrow money on the first day of the year.

Luck and protection

On January 1, tradition says that the first to enter the house you must be a man to enjoy protection and good luck in the year just started.

Wearing something new and something red

New Year all have to wear a new garment that symbolizes change and freshness. Also, take some red on you. Protect you from evil spirits and evil eyes, exactly as it says that it protects the baby from evil spirits.

Eat grapes or raisins

It says that you must eat grapes or raisins on the night of New Year to you more money in the coming year.

A desire

Do not forget to put your desire even at the turn of the year. They say that New Year's Eve released wish is fulfilled, unless they tell anyone what you want.

Light a candle

For the coming year is bright, light a candle or a lamp in the evening of New Year and leave it on until morning.

Open windows

Once you've entered the new year opens wide for a few minutes all doors and windows. Thus evil spirits and all that is negative will be banished from your house to be purified."

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