miercuri, 29 septembrie 2010


To go to the salt mine, we went through Gheorgheni.
The city is located in the Depression Giurgeu Gheorgheni, surrounded by mountain ridges. This is the first depression crossed the river Mures.
The town was first attested in 1332 and, according to documents is the oldest human settlement in the valley. It is an important commercial center of the area.

sâmbătă, 25 septembrie 2010


Mountain village at the foot Hasmasul Mare (1793 m), on the southern slope of Black Mountain (1538 m), and got its name from the source of the river Mures, located in the village. Is 45 km from Miercurea Ciuc and 23 km of Gheorgheni to divide the catchment of the Mureş and Olt. Mures is a specific local source of houses lined up on the mountain that has national road line. Here is a youth recreational center, the national reputation.
Main Street is parallel to the bed Mures town and go over it in a place called Priest's Glade. Immediately after this bridge, west nature reserve begins "The Meadow".

Mures river's source is located on the southern slope of Black Mountain. At an altitude of 866 m there is a small local source designated as the source of the river - perhaps on the grounds that it is easily accessible to tourists - but experts state that the true sources are up to 1350 m on the southwestern slope of Black Mountain near the Peak beech. The total length of the river Mures is 803 km, of which 80 km in the county.
In cities there is also a Catholic church and a monastery and an Orthodox church.

luni, 13 septembrie 2010


By-Faget Ghimes I went from Moldova in Transylvania. From the heights seen a beautiful area with trees and meadows and winding road among the hills. Everything is green and from place to place your eye-catching colorful plants. The air is very clean. Road to Gheorghieni is superb!

marți, 7 septembrie 2010


I went on holiday to Mtii Mountains. Sun motorway and then the highway to Pitesti. Bucharest course crossing took us more than the road to Pitesti highway. I bypassed Pitesti, following the belt and I came slowly on the Olt Valley. This is the bridge between Oltenia and Transylvania. There may not be impressed by everything you see, are wonderful places full of picturesque history, Mircea shadow guard. Here is Monastery tails guarding over 600 years.
Turnu Monastery is located in a secluded spot on the left bank of the river Olt, in Mount Cozia founded on two kilometers of Prince Mircea the Old, Cozia Monastery. Monastery name comes from a massive tower, the rock called "Peak of Theophilus", built in the II of the Roman legions from Camp Arutela whose ruins can be seen today in Glade Bivolari below the current hydro. At first he was called "Hermitag
e after the tower", then "Turnu Monastery, and
finally," ManastireaTurnu"

I was several times these places, but always are impressed by the majesty of the mountains and that is when Olt quiet when whirling. Deserves to step on those lands, even in passing!

duminică, 5 septembrie 2010


Slanic a city situated on the river, a tributary of Trotus at Nemira Mountains. It is surrounded by forests of beech and pine, with a pleasant climate.

The resort is famous for its springs of bicarbonate, sulfur, chlorinated, sodium to help treat various diseases of the digestive system.
Rightfully be christened "Pearl of Moldavia". It is a city of flowers, with a very nice park. The park is an alley of writers. It is also a church.
There was a trout. Now I do not know if there is, but well prepared trout to find restaurants in the resort.