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Mountain village at the foot Hasmasul Mare (1793 m), on the southern slope of Black Mountain (1538 m), and got its name from the source of the river Mures, located in the village. Is 45 km from Miercurea Ciuc and 23 km of Gheorgheni to divide the catchment of the Mureş and Olt. Mures is a specific local source of houses lined up on the mountain that has national road line. Here is a youth recreational center, the national reputation.
Main Street is parallel to the bed Mures town and go over it in a place called Priest's Glade. Immediately after this bridge, west nature reserve begins "The Meadow".

Mures river's source is located on the southern slope of Black Mountain. At an altitude of 866 m there is a small local source designated as the source of the river - perhaps on the grounds that it is easily accessible to tourists - but experts state that the true sources are up to 1350 m on the southwestern slope of Black Mountain near the Peak beech. The total length of the river Mures is 803 km, of which 80 km in the county.
In cities there is also a Catholic church and a monastery and an Orthodox church.

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