joi, 27 octombrie 2011


Bran Castle is named after a village built along the old commercial route connecting Wallachia and Transylvania, located within a road has a past which both sides Craiului Bucegi and Stone, two important massive Carpathians.

The castle has four towers located in the four cardinal points. Both walls and towers are built of massive stone.

The mysterious labyrinths and narrow stairs step into the castle. In the courtyard is a fountain that connects with hiding underground.
This castle was one of the favorites of Queen Mary and it looks like a silver box found in a niche is its heart. Tourists know this castle as "Dracula's Castle" because of Prince
Vlad Tepes, who lived here between 1456 - 1462 and punishing theft, deceit, dishonesty or laziness by impaling of that person who is guilty of these facts.

Actor Kevin Costner, who is filming in Romania, said he was impressed by the landscape of Brasov, which, in his opinion, very much like the Appalachian Mountains in northern U.S., where he lives.
The shooting about 200 people attend and the team and players are Romans, some scenes will be filmed and Bran Castle in Brasov.

joi, 20 octombrie 2011


is a sanctuary containing temples and sports facilities. It addresses both mind and soul. This place I was dedicated to Apollo.
It is also where games were held Pitiene.
On the left is a place called - "STOA" - this is a covered porch columns oriented market, was a place for promenade.
Here was the place where treasure is stored.

duminică, 2 octombrie 2011


Bayazid is a huge market space, is one of the busiest places in town for several centuries. Popular name is Bayezid Square (Beyazit Meydani) but officially called
Freedom Square (Hurriyet Meydani).
Ranks "Forum Tauri" forum Theodosiu Greek novel, the name coming from the bronze bull statue. It was a place of ritual sacrifice.

Here are some of the most beautiful buildings in the city - Beyazit Mosque, Istanbul University, Museum of calligraphy (which I have not seen).