duminică, 20 mai 2012


Rasnov is one of the best preserved peasant fortress of Transylvania. It was built by people Rasnov to defend against increasingly frequent attacks of the Turks and Tatars in 13-14 centuries. There is an architectural style, was built so that it is hard to get. It was built of stone and brick, there are houses and alleys, was well preserved over time and has now been restored and can be visited. There is a legend related to well inside the fortress. It is said that during a siege Râsnov inhabitants have put two prisoners to dig a well so that upon completion of construction to be released.  

They dug for 17 years, during which verses from the Koran written on the walls of the well (they are seen today). Do not know what was their fate. Up there have a great view over Barsa Depression and the city. Worth to climb up there.

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marți, 8 mai 2012


On May 9, 1950, Robert Schuman, French Foreign Minister, proposed Franţei, Germany and other European countries jointly manage the coal and steel. The EU summit held in Milan in 1985, was decided on May 9 to become "Europe Day".

This call was the first step towards the European Union today - a structure made up of 27 countries, united in respect for freedom and the rule of law, but who recognize and appreciate the same time, diversity of European citizens. The anniversary is celebrated today as the Schuman Declaration Europe Day.

On this occasion, throughout Europe, is held every year in shares and festivities that aim to bring EU institutions closer to citizens and to strengthen links between peoples belonging to the Union.