sâmbătă, 31 decembrie 2011

New Year Superstitions

"New Year is seen as a beginning, a new path, a new stage in our lives and the world. Thus, most traditions and superstitions that are related to New Year's Eve and the first day of January refers to the right start.

To have good luck, health, happiness and money in the new year, you must put into practice tricks and superstitions that will help you really believe that you have it all. One can say that it is a placebo effect - you think you'll have even happens! Here's what to do:

Ward off evil spirits

Folk tradition says that evil spirits are afraid of light and loud noises. Therefore, the time and even now in some places, the cracks of the whip to drive away evil spirits in the coming year. It's much easier now, because firecrackers and fireworks use.

Money in your pocket

New year countdown to get you money in your pocket binding. Thus you will enjoy all year earnings and future welfare.

Eat fish

Another superstition says that eating fish to New Year's Eve that you can slip through the problems and obstacles in the new year, with the agility of a fish in water.

Out of debt

Do not enter the new year in debt! Try to get rid of them as soon as possible, otherwise you will have problems with money all year. Also, it is better to borrow money on the first day of the year.

Luck and protection

On January 1, tradition says that the first to enter the house you must be a man to enjoy protection and good luck in the year just started.

Wearing something new and something red

New Year all have to wear a new garment that symbolizes change and freshness. Also, take some red on you. Protect you from evil spirits and evil eyes, exactly as it says that it protects the baby from evil spirits.

Eat grapes or raisins

It says that you must eat grapes or raisins on the night of New Year to you more money in the coming year.

A desire

Do not forget to put your desire even at the turn of the year. They say that New Year's Eve released wish is fulfilled, unless they tell anyone what you want.

Light a candle

For the coming year is bright, light a candle or a lamp in the evening of New Year and leave it on until morning.

Open windows

Once you've entered the new year opens wide for a few minutes all doors and windows. Thus evil spirits and all that is negative will be banished from your house to be purified."

sâmbătă, 26 noiembrie 2011


About Topkapi can tell and show a lot. I photographed the "golden cage". It seems that Sultan Mehmet III became after 18 of his brothers were killed.

Therefore, the heirs of the throne were kept in the cage of gold, heavily guarded area of the harem.

The other images
are imperial salon interior, dominated blue porcelain plates and many drawings gold. Were received in imperial Show closest friends of the sultan.

Hall is located in the Sultan's harem wife mother but only the main favorites and daughters had access to this room.

joi, 27 octombrie 2011


Bran Castle is named after a village built along the old commercial route connecting Wallachia and Transylvania, located within a road has a past which both sides Craiului Bucegi and Stone, two important massive Carpathians.

The castle has four towers located in the four cardinal points. Both walls and towers are built of massive stone.

The mysterious labyrinths and narrow stairs step into the castle. In the courtyard is a fountain that connects with hiding underground.
This castle was one of the favorites of Queen Mary and it looks like a silver box found in a niche is its heart. Tourists know this castle as "Dracula's Castle" because of Prince
Vlad Tepes, who lived here between 1456 - 1462 and punishing theft, deceit, dishonesty or laziness by impaling of that person who is guilty of these facts.

Actor Kevin Costner, who is filming in Romania, said he was impressed by the landscape of Brasov, which, in his opinion, very much like the Appalachian Mountains in northern U.S., where he lives.
The shooting about 200 people attend and the team and players are Romans, some scenes will be filmed and Bran Castle in Brasov.

joi, 20 octombrie 2011


is a sanctuary containing temples and sports facilities. It addresses both mind and soul. This place I was dedicated to Apollo.
It is also where games were held Pitiene.
On the left is a place called - "STOA" - this is a covered porch columns oriented market, was a place for promenade.
Here was the place where treasure is stored.

duminică, 2 octombrie 2011


Bayazid is a huge market space, is one of the busiest places in town for several centuries. Popular name is Bayezid Square (Beyazit Meydani) but officially called
Freedom Square (Hurriyet Meydani).
Ranks "Forum Tauri" forum Theodosiu Greek novel, the name coming from the bronze bull statue. It was a place of ritual sacrifice.

Here are some of the most beautiful buildings in the city - Beyazit Mosque, Istanbul University, Museum of calligraphy (which I have not seen).

marți, 23 august 2011


Costesti village, which lies near the road between Ramnicu Valcea of Targu Jiu, Romania can observe the wonders created by nature. There are sculptures in stone, with bizarre shapes, some small, others out at the height of a man who emerged as people exploit the sand quarry.

These formations are called trove or popular "living stones". They say it would be over 6 million years old and would have occurred due to local cementing of sand, possibly due to a seismic activities. Most trove of Costesti ellipsoidal in shape.

Locals insisted that after a long rain of small rises trove wet sand and stones actually grow larger.

This theory is confirmed.

It is a natural phenomenon that deserves to be seen. Here is the only museum in the world of trovantilor.

luni, 8 august 2011


After a steep descent on the stairs pretty grounded metal walls, a narrow path, see the oldest and largest underground glacier in Romania. Glacier Scarisoara Cave is the largest ice cave in Romania with over 3,000 years old. Glacier's Cave which houses 700 meters long. Block of ice has a volume of about 27 thousand cubic meters and a thickness exceeding 26 m and a height of about 17 m.
The cave is very cold, even when outside is 30 degrees. Feels clear influence glacier. Should be landscaped and rehabilitated road metal stairs to the cave. The cave is a place full of magic that you can return with pleasure.

duminică, 10 iulie 2011


A Landmark in the Black Sea coast is the Genovese Lighthouse.
Genovese Lighthouse is located in the northern end of the cliff. It is believed that it was built by the Genoese for guidance to ensure that ships bound for Constanta bay, around 1300. Octagonal lighthouse has a height of 8 meters and the top has a metal dome. The lighthouse was rebuilt in its current form by the British in 1860-1861. Is an interesting monument of architecture. Wars have caused more damage. In 1948 it was restored.
Deserves to walk this way!

duminică, 3 iulie 2011


Carpathian Mountains in Romania are old mountains with pine forests, caves, with many natural riches, with very beautiful tourist routes. Some lighter, others more difficult. You can choose routes according to fitness that Western ai.Carpatii are hard to come by piciorul.Trecand the mountains we reached the small town in the Aries Valley Upper Garda. Aries Valley is one of the most beautiful areas of the country, an area that retains the look of rustic charm of places where you are impressed by the hospitality localnicilor.Am arrived in the evening, but it was dark so we checked in and then I went to see surroundings. I took pictures of the bridge that passes over Aries and I went to Ordancusei keys. The road is very good, the area is picturesque, I got up to Cave's Gate Ionele. Ionele's Gate is a cave that is a museum speleological. Poartalul and the small waterfall at the entrance give a special note of specific scenic Western Mountains. The next day we went to Cave Scarisoara. This cave is inside a huge glacier.

marți, 21 iunie 2011

ATHENS Tower of the Winds

Tower of the Winds is a high building, octagonal, located in the eastern part of Plaka markets. It was designed by the famous astronomer Andronikos quite complicated as a tool for measuring time: one hour of water inside a solar outdoor clock and weather turbine above the roof.
The name "Tower of the Winds" is given by the personification of the eight winds carved on the eight sides of the building.

duminică, 12 iunie 2011


The area which rises Mount Athos, one of the most beautiful in Greece, held the visitors all the grandeur of nature.

The landscape varies between small valleys and gorges, barren mountains sprinkled with rocks. In some places, the curtain is going to split and blue sea view. Mountains and the sea crystal creates the perfect isolation for the location selected by hermit monasteries.

It is a community of monks who, over more than 1,000 years, lived daily life style of Byzantine religious practices.

luni, 30 mai 2011

Lake Saint Ann

Situated over 950 meters, eyes hidden, mysterious and full of legends - Lake Saint Ann, is the only volcanic lake in Central Europe. Lake depth varies, depending on the rainfall that feeds him - the only source otherwise. Water is extremely pure, cela Lake is considered one of the cleanest in the world. Due to lack of minerals, water is not drinkable.
The lake is a Roman Catholic chapel, dedicated to St. Anna wearing.

sâmbătă, 21 mai 2011


An important landmark in the Apuseni Mountains Cave Bear. Cave name comes from the numerous remains of cave bear skeleton, which is estimated to have disappeared about 15,000 years ago. She was discovered by chance in September 1975 when after a dynamite in the marble quarry Chiscau.

It has a length of 1.5 km, of which 521 m have been declared scientific reserve.
Higher level of 488 m were opened long tourist traffic.
The cave is very interesting. It consists of three galleries, the Bears, Emil Racovita gallery, gallery and four rooms Candles:
Candles room, spaghetti, Racovita

Diversity cave stalagmites Bears leave the field of imagination and so the statues, pagodas, large animals or small candles and more. "Mastodon", "curtains Bears Gallery", "portal" pagodas "," Lake with water lilies are just some of the beauties of nature created the cave.