duminică, 17 octombrie 2010

PRAID - salina

At 5 km from Sovata, the village of Praid is the gateway to the Harghita county as you come from the Mures county. It is located in an area rich in salt. Praid is 500 m above sea level and is surrounded by hills of salt reaching almost 1700 m high.

The salt riches have been exploited ever since the locality's creation. The saline still has galleries in use and from 1974 in the disused ones there were arranged places for rest and treatement.

The galleries that have been arranged are visited by many tourists but they are mainly used as a place for therapy and treatment thanks to the highly ionized air, very effective in the treatment of the respiratory affections.

The underground rooms are equipped with a lighting system, playgrounds for children, an ecumenical chapel, a refreshment bar, a library and billiard tables. They are all meant to provide recreational areas for people in poor health who necessarily must spend there four hours every day. There can also be seen a train entirely made of wood.

The salt mine has a museum as well. A museum of salt where on 20 square meters you can discover everything about the saline history and the salt extraction methods. There you can see the wooden tools with which salt extraction has begun; not even the oil lamp is missing.

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