marți, 21 iunie 2011

ATHENS Tower of the Winds

Tower of the Winds is a high building, octagonal, located in the eastern part of Plaka markets. It was designed by the famous astronomer Andronikos quite complicated as a tool for measuring time: one hour of water inside a solar outdoor clock and weather turbine above the roof.
The name "Tower of the Winds" is given by the personification of the eight winds carved on the eight sides of the building.

duminică, 12 iunie 2011


The area which rises Mount Athos, one of the most beautiful in Greece, held the visitors all the grandeur of nature.

The landscape varies between small valleys and gorges, barren mountains sprinkled with rocks. In some places, the curtain is going to split and blue sea view. Mountains and the sea crystal creates the perfect isolation for the location selected by hermit monasteries.

It is a community of monks who, over more than 1,000 years, lived daily life style of Byzantine religious practices.