luni, 30 mai 2011

Lake Saint Ann

Situated over 950 meters, eyes hidden, mysterious and full of legends - Lake Saint Ann, is the only volcanic lake in Central Europe. Lake depth varies, depending on the rainfall that feeds him - the only source otherwise. Water is extremely pure, cela Lake is considered one of the cleanest in the world. Due to lack of minerals, water is not drinkable.
The lake is a Roman Catholic chapel, dedicated to St. Anna wearing.

sâmbătă, 21 mai 2011


An important landmark in the Apuseni Mountains Cave Bear. Cave name comes from the numerous remains of cave bear skeleton, which is estimated to have disappeared about 15,000 years ago. She was discovered by chance in September 1975 when after a dynamite in the marble quarry Chiscau.

It has a length of 1.5 km, of which 521 m have been declared scientific reserve.
Higher level of 488 m were opened long tourist traffic.
The cave is very interesting. It consists of three galleries, the Bears, Emil Racovita gallery, gallery and four rooms Candles:
Candles room, spaghetti, Racovita

Diversity cave stalagmites Bears leave the field of imagination and so the statues, pagodas, large animals or small candles and more. "Mastodon", "curtains Bears Gallery", "portal" pagodas "," Lake with water lilies are just some of the beauties of nature created the cave.

joi, 5 mai 2011


Located on the river at the foot Lotru same name, surrounded by forests of fir, spruce and beech, the resort offers every season a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.
Located at an altitude of 650m, with mild winters without currents and winds, the air fresh and clean, is a place just right for trout fishing in rivers Lotrului