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The city gates of the Danube, Tulcea, is situated on the seven hills of Tulcea Hill. It was a Greek settlement called" Aegyssus "and the time of Mircea the Old City was called Tulcea.
It is the second most important c
ity in Dobrogea. Besides the fact that it goes from here in the Delta town you can visit:
Independence Monument, the Museum of History and Archaeology, St. Nicholas Cathedral, Delta Natural Sciences Museum, Greek Church, the Church clock.
You can walk on the shore, where boats are moored which you can move in the Delta.
Civic Square is the statue of Mircea the Old.

From above, the Independence Monument on the hill where you can see the whole city and the entire Delta.

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We visited the greenest part of Prague: Petrin Hill. This is a park with old trees, but green, winding alleys and stairs with railings wrapped trees, green grass and gardens of roses of all colors and varieties. I've climbed and descended the hill with a funicular (train rack). The park is located about 300 m above sea level and from there you can see very well around town. The old chronicles say that this park was the site of pagan rituals dedicated to the god Petrin and it seems like nowadays bigotii to practice today as the ceremonial ancient. Dar Show is the perfect place to escape from everyday life.

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Transalpina (DN 67C) is a road in Parang Mountains, the Southern Carpathians. Unlike Transfagarasan, Transalpina not only on some portions paved. Actually DN75C way (as it is passed on map) connects Novaci and Sebes and is one of the oldest roads in the country. It was built by the Roman armies, and later in World War II by the Germans to be rehabilitated. It is a little known route, which sometimes climb to over 2000 m (2145 m Urdea Step), but extremely beautiful and wild. If Transfagarasanul seems to be of grade 10, 1:10 Transalpina definitely deserves more for scenery, adventure and mystery. The landscapes are beautiful, but the road itself is lacking.

The best thing would be to have an off-road. From Sebes toward passing Obarsia Lotrului Oasa is a beautiful place with a lake, one of the first 5-6 of the largest country. After Obarsia Lotrului, the right is the dam. This dam - is made of clay rocks in the middle. Now on a good road, paved, we arrived at Vidra.Si there are special landscapes. Of course I made many pictures.Get cash from your website. Sign up as affiliate.

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“The Women Cavern” is to be found hollowed out inside the depths of the calcareous massif within the limits of the village of Baia de Fier (The Iron Bath) (the Gorj County) close to the Galbenul (the Yellow River) at an altitude of 700 m. This natural monument is made up of “original adornments” (calcareous concretions) which bring fantasy and magnificence to the cavern. “The Women Cavern” is a jewel of stone, gracefully shaped by the force of the mountain waters. The cavern is known under this name because it was used as a hiding place by women, children and old persons while the men made war in order to defend their homes.

In this cavern there can be seen impressive forms of the karst relief : the Small Basins, the Organ, made of the union of stalagmites and stalactites and the Small Dome, a kind of a strange castle. It follows the Sanctuary, showing column-shaped stalagmites in close nearness, the Sanctuary Dome reminding of a fantastic cathedral where the stalagmites seem to be climbing up endless steps, the Pulpit, the Falls Turned Into Stone which are only accessible on one's knees, the Turkish Hall, the Small Chandeliers and the Big Dome. The Turkish Hall houses a sort of “Santa Claus” in front of which there appears the Odalisque, a female nude on which a huge bird of prey seems to be moving down from the ceiling, the beck threateningly open. After this there succeeds a room named 'the Stone Lace” and then the Hall of Marvels. The length of the walk throughout the cavern is of about 1100 meters.

This site is particularly interesting; it is worth being seen.

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