marți, 31 august 2010


It is a very picturesque area, located at the contact between the Carpathians and Subcarpathians. Salt is located in the valley Trotus, near Targu Ocna. There is by bus,situated in the depths of the earth, about 240 m deep. Salt dug in the mountains is very beautiful, designed for movement,relaxation, to treat resiratory diseases and even silance. There is a place for this purpose holy Orthodox Church "Saint Barbara".

duminică, 29 august 2010


"Called in many writings" on Milcov city, town Focsani, Vrancea county seat today, entered the consciousness of the Romans as "union town." Unofficially was the first capital of the united principalities of Moldova and Romanian Country. Here they stop working after 24 January 1859, the first of the new state institutions, on whose base had to take birth Romanian national unitary state after the Great Union of 1918.

It is situated in south-eastern Carpathians of curvature, 7 km from the Putna River to the east and 2 km from Milcov to the south, a road crossing the area of trade and transhumance from Transylvania, Moldavia and Wallachia. Focsani became, originally a rural settlement, and then first fair city, because our time to reach the rank of city. "