duminică, 10 iulie 2011


A Landmark in the Black Sea coast is the Genovese Lighthouse.
Genovese Lighthouse is located in the northern end of the cliff. It is believed that it was built by the Genoese for guidance to ensure that ships bound for Constanta bay, around 1300. Octagonal lighthouse has a height of 8 meters and the top has a metal dome. The lighthouse was rebuilt in its current form by the British in 1860-1861. Is an interesting monument of architecture. Wars have caused more damage. In 1948 it was restored.
Deserves to walk this way!

duminică, 3 iulie 2011


Carpathian Mountains in Romania are old mountains with pine forests, caves, with many natural riches, with very beautiful tourist routes. Some lighter, others more difficult. You can choose routes according to fitness that Western ai.Carpatii are hard to come by piciorul.Trecand the mountains we reached the small town in the Aries Valley Upper Garda. Aries Valley is one of the most beautiful areas of the country, an area that retains the look of rustic charm of places where you are impressed by the hospitality localnicilor.Am arrived in the evening, but it was dark so we checked in and then I went to see surroundings. I took pictures of the bridge that passes over Aries and I went to Ordancusei keys. The road is very good, the area is picturesque, I got up to Cave's Gate Ionele. Ionele's Gate is a cave that is a museum speleological. Poartalul and the small waterfall at the entrance give a special note of specific scenic Western Mountains. The next day we went to Cave Scarisoara. This cave is inside a huge glacier.